a few words about us

GME Petroleum (GME) is a supplier of crude oils and refined petroleum products. The product supply includes: BACHAQUERO CRUDE API 24 and MESA CRUDE API 30-34, BITUMEN API 9- 11, D6 Gas Oil, D2 Gasoil, ULSD. We have become a reliable supplier of fuels and crude oil to a worldwide marketplace that is in need of experienced and strongly principled supply firms, and are willing to work hard to produce the results that our Buyers deserve. GME Petroleum has an active trading desk, handling a wide range of petroleum products with strategic infrastructure of oil terminals, supply vessels and supply and trading team based in various global locations. We are continuing to grow significantly by adding reliable crude oils and refined fuels while adapting rapidly to market changes. CEO, Mr. Andrew H. Parkin has developed a strong working relationship within Venezuela through numerous successful ventures. .

The best oil and gas prices

GME Petroleum is constantly fostering new relationships in order to gain fuel to supply our current and future demands
We strive to provide products to our customers that are stable and consistent in both delivery and quality.
As new relationships are developed, we provide our potential customers with the ability to deliver the product and enter into contracts for the long term
As a direct buyer and reseller of petroleum, we do not disclose our sources or our customer channel.

Honest partnership

This relationship has allowed GME Petroleum to hold a PDVSA - R.U.C.C.V.E. license to buy and sell oil and their derivate. The support has been fully extended to have a Military Escort of all vessels, plus an additional Guarantee of Safety and insurance of all cargo for risk of loss or damage from PDVSA to GME’s clients. We operate using proven management systems to achieve operational excellence with a low key philosophy. Our procedural systems address critical aspects of our business including logistics, ethics, safety, corporate security, health, environmental performance, operations reliability, business controls, project execution, and solid confidentiality.

Corporate values

Our corporate values define who we are and are what drives us. Responsibility is core to our culture. It defines how we work, how we behave and how we interact with our customers and partners. We understand that our reputation depends on honoring our commitments, and always treating others with respect. Building enduring success and a reputation as a partner of choice with our customers - We strive to meet all ethical, environmental and regulatory standards in the oil industry. Our long-term outlook enables us to invest in long term relationships. We expect all the assets in which we are invested to conform to the highest international safety and quality standards.